What You Should Expect From Your Fence Companies

Most homeowners wisely delegate the task of fencing construction to fence companies. But just like any other trades, there are their own unique quirks and culture. So when you’re having a fencing company install a new fence for you, it is not always easy sailing.

Expect This From Your Fence Companies

One thing that is common to all fence companies is the price. While the price of a typical wood fence might seem reasonable, you have no control over the quality of the materials. Wood is often of lower quality than you might think. This means that if you choose a good quality wood for your fence, it might cost a bit more than you had bargained for. You have no control over the color of wood either. Even if you choose a high quality wood, you can expect your fence will look a bit tacky in certain light or shade.


Another thing that fence companies do that may surprise you is that they don’t pay very much attention to details. While it would be nice if your fencing company had someone who was constantly on site, this usually isn’t possible. They may hire an assistant, but that is as far as they can go. So if you are having a company install a new fence, you should expect them to make the minor adjustments that you ask for. If not, you might have to make some alterations to your own fence yourself.

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