The Essential Guide To Hen Party Ideas



With spring coming up, and wedding season practically around the bend, its the perfect opportunity to begin getting ready for your besties big night! As the maid of honor, or as part of the group of bridesmaids arranging the night, you must ensure the lady of the hour has the greatest night ever! 

Here are some suggestions to do just that:


hen party


Cocktail Making Class 

Who doesn’t adore a mixed drink or 3 on a night out with the ladies! (Otherwise known as ‘the ideal reason to present 13 boomerangs on your insta-story that nobody requested’). On the off chance that your hen cherishes her mixed drinks, why not humor her in her own special cocktail-making class encompassed by her nearest ladies. With your very own barkeep to take you through an awesome hands-on mixed drink making spectacular, you and the ladies will shake, taste, and snicker the day away. Not to mention the boasting rights at your next evening gathering! *presents a biscuit rimmed salted caramel coffee martini finished off with newly cooked espresso beans* This? This is only a touch of something I prepared a second ago. 


The Mr. and Mrs. Quiz 

The most significant hen party game! 

See, Mr. and Mrs. is a standout amongst other hen party games. 

In case you’re a veteran hen party goer, you will have played the Mr. and Mrs. test at a hen party. Nonetheless, in case you’re new to the hen party scene, here’s the low down. 

The Mr. and Mrs. Quiz includes some prep. Plan 15 to 20 inquiries for the husband to be on himself and the bride. The inquiries ought to be a blend of personal, mindful, romantic, entertaining and naughty. 

Guarantee that you record the lucky man utilizing your telephone or another camera so you have a video of his responses. 

On the off chance that you are IT savy or know somebody who is, arrange it pleasantly in a presentation or video to be played at the hen party. At that point, at the hen party, have the groom’s video clip set up on a screen or PC. To play, assemble all the hen party visitors around and obviously, the lady. 

Ask the lady of the hour the inquiries that you posed to the groom. At the point when she offers every response, play the lucky man’s reaction. If she surmises right, she gets the opportunity to name a visitor for a forfeit. On the off chance that she surmises wrong, she needs to do the forfeit. 

This game is ESSENTIAL for any hen party. 


60 Minute Makeover 

If the lady knows about the room or house/flat hosting the get-together, at that point, get all the hens around an hour in advance to give it a change. Inflatables, bunting, parcels of straw in the garden for summer-celebration seating, old irregular/vintage china to make a celebration feel… It’s astounding what can be accomplished in 60 minutes. 



Life Drawing – Art, Tunes, Champagne, And… Nudes 

Let the music, champagne, and giggling stream as you find your internal artist in a life drawing class. This novel experience is structured only for your Hens Party, with an individual bare male model who vows not to be irritated by any less than complimenting fine art or fits of giggles. 

Your group will get master direction from proficient art instructors on reproducing the male structure while tasting champagne and getting a charge out of the entirety of your favorite songs. You can appreciate this experience in the surrounds of a committed art studio, or bring the art gathering to you. And bring your cameras for a great photo session with the model towards the finish of the class! 



Why not blend and match a portion of the thoughts above to make a definitive hens send off for your bride to be! You can also check out the vogue list of hens ideas to help you plan the ultimate hens party!