The Doctor Goes to Town on His Nasty Little Lies

Doctor Elwood (Jack Lemmon) is a brilliant and popular pediatrician at the prestigious Boston Medical Center. He also happens to be the hospital’s pediatrician for the deaf. However, there is an unsettling rumor circulating around that the hospital is refusing to admit any deaf children to the hospital. In order to clear the air, Doctor Elwood goes on a mission to clear the air of the rumors and get his deaf patients admitted into the facility.

JFK Assassination presented by Dr. Elwood Watson

The plot begins when Elwood has to deal with some upset parents from his office who refuse to allow their children to go see him in the clinic. When they are unable to return their child back to him, Elwood is forced to meet with the parents and tell them about what is going on. The parents then decide to send their child to him, despite their reluctance.

What follows is an incredibly gripping and suspenseful story about finding ways to get your deaf child into a school where he will receive proper treatment. As Elwood tries to figure out the source of the problem and how to deal with it, he must also work closely with the deaf parents to ensure that their kids are getting appropriate treatment.