Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Restaurants – Which is best for a date?

pubs and bars

You can get drunk in a lot of places. Well, get tipsy anyway, public drunkenness is bad! But where should you go? Surely there’s better and nicer places to get drunk than like a troll under a bridge, or in a public park, like an annoying drunk uncle. Where should go you go to drink for different occasions?


These are best for after-work drinks or if you want a classic pub meal such as a parma, or steak. Pubs are known for their draught beers in particular. Usually locally made Aussie stuff. Not too many imported beers being drunk at these types of places. When you’re going to a pub, the older the venue, the better! everyone loves a classic pub lunch or dinner in a dank old building.

Should you take your date to a pub? Well, it depends, but typically this is more a place for the boys. Gather the blokes and get in front of a TV at a pub and watch the footy or soccer.


A nightclub is more of a place to get drunk and party anonymously, not really somewhere you should take a date. you should go here with your friends you like to party with. You might also find a new person here to hook up with. There’s a bit of social stigma around clubbing, especially as you get older. This is something you might want to keep quiet if you work in a professional environment or with older people. Drinks are usually very expensive at clubs and many venues will have a cover fee for entrance.


Bars are a great place to go with friends or dates. For a date, a cocktail bar is especially nice as women will often like cocktails over beers. A good bar will often be upstairs above another venue or down a laneway. They can be a little pricier than the pub, but probably cheaper than a nightclub. There are many types of bars around your city, from themed ones to ones that specialise in only whiskey or another type of spirit. Bars are generally a bit fancier and more romantic than a club or pub.


These can be a great place to have a few drinks over some food. There are limitless options for restaurants, but not all are licensed to sell alcohol. Check the menu in advance and see if they serve it. If you want you can then also go to one of the above-mentioned venues as well whilst you’re at it.


A cafe is a nice place to have a coffee if it’s the morning or lunchtime and you don’t want alcohol. some might have alcohol. These are also good places for some food. Often the menu will be more limited than a restaurant though. This is probably the cheapest and most casual place for a date!

Gold Class Cinemas

Going to gold class cinemas is a way to get alcohol and a movie! the only downside is that too many drinks whilst watching a long film will result in toilet breaks that cause you to miss part of the movie! is your bladder strong enough to survive a long film?

Don’t forget to recycle

Whenever you are drinking alcohol and it’s in a disposable container. Please remember to recycle the can or bottle.