Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

Kenmore Hills Early Learning

The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center is located in Waukegan, Illinois. It was founded in 1940 and has been helping children grow and develop since that time. “We understand that a child’s emotional and physical growth depends on a combination of stimulation, nurturing and learning that is consistent and ongoing.” says Carol Johnson, the Executive Director of Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center. Click here – https://www.kenmorehillsearlylearning.com.au

Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center offers a full range of programs for children, including early childhood education, preschool education, kindergarten education and specialized education for special needs children. They also provide education to parents who wish to continue their home schooling or are interested in teaching at a local community college or university. They have an Education Services department that has a variety of classroom and preschool curriculum options for children to choose from. Their preschool curriculum offers both academic and developmental learning opportunities to children, along with a focus on the social and emotional well being of children. For parents who want to continue their education, they offer several accredited degrees.

“All of our services are created to help children reach their full potential,” says Johnson. “They come from families with a history of learning, a desire for education, and the financial ability to pursue it. They come from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and each child is unique.” Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center’s mission statement is, “To provide quality educational opportunities that encourage healthy development of self and community values in all children.”