How To Choose The Right Headstone? Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Memorial


Whether you’re choosing a headstone or monument for the first time or you have actually travelled this path in the past, the different factions of the process can get a little complicated.

To make things simpler, this Guide will take you through each of the decisions you’ll require to make in picking the design and style of a headstone or monument, with descriptions and illustrations of each of your options. 

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What Is A Headstone?

A headstone likewise called tombstone, gravestone, or serious marker is a monument placed at the head of the tomb to make the place where the deceased is buried.


memorial headstone


Besides granite and bronze, other products available are marble, slate, sandstone, fieldstone, bronze and limestone. A variety of colours are offered, and several are terrific for comprehensive inscriptions and carvings. 

Marble and any of the non-granite stones will wear down over time, however, blurring information, so that need to be considered when choosing elaborate carvings and fonts.

Kinds Of Headstones?

These are the common types of headstones:

Flat headstones a flat tablet made of stone, concrete, or bronze that is set flat in the ground. 

The flat tablet— a block of stone or concrete with a flat top. 

Desk tablet or sloper— a block of stone or concrete with a sloping front face. 

Headstone Styles

Modification is expected when picking a headstone design, and there are numerous choices that can be tailored according to your personal preferences. Headstones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

Headstone Products

Before picking the shape, style of the surface of the headstone, you must first pick the kind of stone that the headstone will be made from.

Here are the popular products of the headstone:

  • Granite is the most flexible and adaptable stone. It is readily available in various colours and surfaces and is shown to last.
  • Marble is a brilliant product that contains unique blue and grey veins. It is frequently chosen for visual factors because it is smooth and stunning material.
  • Limestone remains a popular option. It is a standard stone that weathers significantly with time.