Home Storage Tips for Small Spaces

The idea of having a tiny house or apartment is starting to grow in popularity. The benefit for homeowners with small homes is that they can gain back living space, save on expenses for heating and cooling, not have to worry about home repairs as much, lower taxes, etc.

28 Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

However, this switch often comes with an additional hurdle: the homeowner must organize their living space in a way that takes up less square footage but still allows functionality. This includes items like furniture and storage. Fortunately, there are several things homeowners can do to make their small homework better for them.

Here are some useful tips people interested in these sorts of smaller quarters should know about making the best use of what they have available:

1) Wall mounted storage is a great solution for anyone who wants to make the best use of every single inch of their home, and it can be used in combination with under-the-bed storage (for those bulky items that won’t fit on the wall). For example, wall-mounted tie racks can hold clothing or belts; shelf brackets can keep books organized.

2) There must be some place for storing food besides cupboards and fridge/freezer space. Some ideas: A small countertop mini-fridge and microwave can take up less room than an ordinary-sized fridge and allow people to save money by purchasing smaller quantities at the grocery store

A fold-down table tucked away during nonuse will give you extra work if needed as well as tabletop space when not in use

Pull out bins can be installed in most kitchen cabinets and will allow the homeowner to store food items like potatoes, onions, and rice (items that don’t need refrigeration) without taking up a lot of room.

3) Bookshelves: We have all seen bookshelves on shows about small living spaces, but they do work if you have someplace for them to go. They can hold everything from clothing to DVDs to shoes. Having a bookcase near the couch might even convince some people it’s a cozy reading nook!

4) Desk space is an important element of having your home function as your little office too. If working from home or being able to take some time during the day to get some paperwork done or reply to emails is something you need or want, then you’ll have to find a way to make it happen. Desk space with wall shelves can take up less space than an office desk chair and regular desk set up.

5) Decorate using multi-functional pieces. A futon/couch bed for guests makes the most use of the living room space by allowing friends or family members to sleep there instead of taking up valuable floor space with multiple folds out beds during their visits. Not only will this save on guest sleeping arrangements, but it’ll save on heat during cold winter months as well.

6) Furniture should be easily stackable if possible if more space needs to be freed up/access is necessary to something behind it.

7) Beds with storage are a great idea for small homes, as the bed itself can serve as the room’s only dresser. This option is best if one or two people live in the home and don’t have many clothes, personal items, etc. However, an ordinary dresser can work too if space allows for it.

8) A couch that converts into a sleeper is another great solution for those who want to make use of their living space at night during sleep hours instead of leaving all the available floor area free with no furniture on top of it. Not only does this take up less space during non-sleep times, but you’ll find yourself gravitating to the living area instead of hanging out in potentially claustrophobic hallways or bathrooms.

9) Every inch counts. Make sure that closets are easy to access and aren’t filled with too many items that don’t need to be there. Also, get rid of things you no longer use if space allows for it. If you have more stuff than storage space, think about finding somewhere else for some of your belongings or looking into smaller/more compact versions of whatever it is takes up so much room.

10) A proper laundry system can really save on floor clutter, take up less space overall, and make doing laundry at home a more pleasant experience instead of feeling like the chore it sometimes seems to be! Shelving for storage can be put up on the walls or in small closets to hold everything from detergent and dryer sheets to clothes that need to be folded and hung up.

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