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Domestic power is generally cheaper than business energy, but not necessarily as much cheaper. Domestic electricity is usually supplied by the grid, business energy comparison by a public utility company (PUC). If your home is connected to the electric grid, then you’re already covered; if you’re not, you’ll need to find out whether you can opt for an off-grid system.

What is Standing in the Way of the Magic of a Healthy Small business energy comparison?

Your off-grid power provider will be able to supply you with electricity that is stored in the utility’s facility and transported to your home. The power source will be renewable – meaning it will be generated by a source of natural power such as the sun, wind, geothermal or water. If you live in an area with enough sunshine or wind to supply the power, then this can be good news for those people who live far away from any power stations or windmills.

On the other hand, if you live in a city, where power supply is more erratic and expensive than in rural areas, business power can be a huge help. Businesses often have their own electrical network and can provide a reliable source of power. If you have a business office or a home office, you may even find that the power company will arrange for you to have a standby power generator in case of an emergency.