Best Organic Tampons For Sensitive Skin

When it comes to selecting the best organic tampons, you will find that the best ones are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Organic cotton has been grown without using chemicals or pesticides that have been linked with many health problems. In fact, the United States is now the leading nation in terms of the amount of organic cotton grown and used as a raw material for various products including Tampax.

Best Organic Tampons For Sensitive Skin

best organic tampons

It is important that when selecting any type of tampon for sensitive skin that you pay special attention to the ingredients that are used. Some of the best organic tampons for sensitive skin include those which are free from phthalates, triclosan and petroleum gel. Phthalates, which are commonly found in non-natural body creams and deodorants, have been linked with a variety of reproductive health problems. Triclosan and petroleum gel are known to irritate the skin and can cause acne breakouts.

To ensure that your per box packaging is effective in helping you save money and cut down on waste, request that your tampon manufacturer mail your boxes in a recyclable container. This will help reduce your waste and help save the environment. Another way that you can help to conserve water and resources is by purchasing your best organic cotton tampons in bulk. Bulk purchasing will not only save you money but it will also save you time because you won’t have to visit your local supermarket to find them. Nowadays, most of the popular tampon brands offer to ship their product for free to make shopping easier and more convenient.