Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Pharmacy Fitouts

In this article, we’ll look at the tips and tricks you can use to improve your pharmacy fitout. They might not all be easy but they will provide an excellent return on your investment.

1) Research Your Competition 

To stand out from the crowd you need to know exactly how your new business will differ from that of your competitors. This means understanding what makes your new business model unique, and what makes it better than those of others operating in the same marketplace (and if there’s demand for another pharmacy, then there’s competition).

By researching and learning about other pharmacies currently operating in your area or nearby, you’ll uncover ways to set yourself apart, including developing a strategy to sell products that meet unmet customer demand, or figuring out how to improve upon the services you offer.

2) The Right Fitout Makes All The Difference

A pharmacy space that’s not designed right will never function as well as one that is. You can have all the bells and whistles of a built-in soda fountain complete with a candy jar, but if you haven’t planned for a source of electricity it won’t be long before your customers start asking where on earth you went. Consider every aspect of your new business from the very beginning, from the location up through to what type of design reflects your brand best.

You can use this information as part of your marketing campaign once you’re operational by showcasing social proof such as what your customers are saying, reviews and the number of new clients you’re bringing in on an ongoing basis.

3) Set Your Budget And Stick To It 

Whether or not to make use of a fitout loan is something every business owner must consider before launching their venture.

There’s no doubt about it – a pharmacy space that has been designed and built with everything you could need already installed will require less regular maintenance, cost less to run and keep clean, provide a better customer experience – all things which contribute to earning repeat custom – and even pay for itself over time thanks to increased sales.

But there’s no point putting yourself under pressure from the start by taking out a huge loan for a completely redone pharmacy. In some cases, a simple refit might be all you need.

4) Design Quality Over Quantity 

When it comes to a pharmacy space that looks great, the function is slowly starting to take precedence over form. Gone are the days when pharmacies were treated as an afterthought and dressed with dusty old furniture from massive warehouses that also supplied funeral homes.

In Australia, there’s been a huge rise in the number of pharmacies that have been designed for functionality first and foremost, while still looking great and feeling inviting enough to encourage customers to stay awhile. The money you invest in this type of pharmacy design will pay dividends in increased sales volume and reduced employee turnover due to a more attractive environment in which they can do their jobs effectively.

5) Location, Location, Location 

When it comes to the location of your pharmacy, you’re going to want to place yourself where there is proven demand for your product or service. The unfortunate reality is that if you fail to do this, then any other efforts made will not be as effective as they could have been otherwise.

6) Understanding (And Caring About) Your Customer Segment 

Most pharmacies aren’t targeting everyone – they offer a service and products geared towards a specific audience – and those people are the ones who need to know about and find you first. Rather than launching an all-out advertising blitz on TV, radio and print media, begin by asking yourself who it is you want as your customer base. This way, when it comes time to reach out to them, they’re likely to notice you.

7) Build Your Brand First, Then Construct Your Pharmacy

Once you have a solid brand in place that is being well received by your target audience, it’s the perfect time to think about how your future pharmacy might best reflect this. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving the interior of your pharmacy a complete overhaul so much as tweaking certain design elements here and there until they perfectly embody your brand. 

8) Don’t Forget About The “Ph” Factor 

Apart from dispensing medication, one of the most important functions of any pharmacy space is its ability to encourage prospective customers to become repeat clients.

Not only does this require keeping up with changing customer demands concerning convenience – for example having drive-thru windows and a comprehensive online presence – but also making sure that not only the layout of your pharmacy but also its overall appearance and environment, is conducive to this goal. 

9) Consider How Your Pharmacy Will Benefit Staff 

As well as customers, it’s important to think about how a new pharmacy space could impact your employees’ ability to do their jobs effectively.

It’s all very well having a beautifully laid out pharmacy full of the latest medication and technology, but if you neglect the fact that interaction with customers will be necessary at certain points during each day, then your pharmacist may find themselves spending too much time dealing with people and not enough dispensing prescription medications.