6 Korean Eyebrow Tattoo Tips for Beginners

1. Research the artist BEFORE getting your tattoo done

The first thing you must do before getting inked is to conduct thorough research on the artist who will be doing your tattoo. From their previous works to what they can offer, make sure that you are satisfied with it all before booking an appointment with them. This also includes making sure that they have certificates of proper training in eyebrow shaping and permanent makeup application.

If you are still unsure about their credentials, contact the state board which regulates professional practices related to skincare therapy to confirm if this person has an active license or registration.

Technique of drawing eyebrows stock photo

2. Know that each session takes hours

A lot of people are eager to get their desired eyebrow shape as soon as possible which is a bad idea. The proper eyebrow tattooing procedure involves filling in or reshaping the eyebrows one hair at a time, based on the natural shape and arch of each person’s brows. Although there are specially designed tools that can speed up this process, getting your dream brows will still take hours to finish.

So prepare mentally for this long process. Also, note that it takes two sessions to achieve ideal results so you have to be patient with the whole thing.

3. Go for numbing cream if necessary

Trying to get rid of pain during a tattoo session? Then go for numbing creams! However, note that these creams only reduce the sensation of pain but do not eliminate it. So if you are struggling with it, ask the artist to use a dental block or local anesthesia to ensure that you can go through the entire session without feeling anything.

4. Avoid vomiting and nausea after filling in your brows

Don’t eat at least two hours before your appointment just to avoid having an upset stomach during the process. This means no dinner until you see yourself looking gorgeous with well-shaped eyebrows! You know what they say, everything is okay in moderation so taking this risk is up to you now. But if ever you vomit (intentionally or unintentionally) make sure not to touch nor wipe off the cream on your face.

This part of your skin needs to stay untouched especially when there is ink involved.

5. Arrive on time with a clean face

Although it’s okay to bring your phone during the session, make sure that it is put away and not visible throughout the process. Remember, you are paying for this person’s time so don’t give them any reasons to complain about it. So arrive on time (preferably 5-10 minutes earlier) and be ready before they start filling in the brows. Preparing your skin by cleansing is also recommended since it will help the cream glide better onto your skin.

Finally, don’t forget to relax as much as possible! Stressing out during an eyebrow tattooing session won’t do you any good so just breathe deeply and keep calm.

6. Care for your new tattoo properly

After the session, it is vital to take care of your new tattoo. Avoid soaking in the water while bathing or showering for at least 24 hours, don’t go out under the sun for at least a few days after, and avoid swimming during your recovery period. Take note that some people may still be allergic to the cream used on them even if they’ve never experienced this before so make sure you are not one of them!

Lastly, observe any changes on your skin such as an itchy feeling or redness on the area. If ever something like this happens, make sure to call your artist ASAP. That’s our 6 Korean eyebrow tattoo tips for beginners! We hope these were helpful especially on how important it is to hire the right person for this job. Be patient and enjoy the result!

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