5 Garage Cleaning Tips

When garage storage starts to look dirty or dusty, it’s time for some garage storage cleaning. This is an article about how to clean garage storage in the best way possible.

Your garage storage may take quite a beating throughout the year – especially if you have automobiles in your garage as well as other items; garage flooring simply isn’t designed to be impermeable like ceramic or vinyl tile. So where does that leave your garage storage? It leaves it susceptible to spills and stains that can seep deep into grout lines, cracks, tiles, and surrounding surfaces of any garage floor. Garage storage shouldn’t be ignored just because it doesn’t look dirty yet – if anything, start here before moving on to the garage cabinets themselves! Cleaning garage storage isn’t hard if you follow these garage storage cleaning tips:

1. Decide On Metal Cabinets

First, garage storage should be made of solid wood or metal garage cabinets. If it’s not, garage flooring can seep inside garage cabinets and damage the shelves here as well. Of course, if you want to clean garage storage like this, I suggest you purchase solid garage cabinets.

2. Garage Floor Tiles

Remove garage flooring tiles (gently) and soak them in hot water with a cup of baking soda. after allowing to soak for about an hour, scrub each tile with a nylon-bristled brush – anything too abrasive won’t do much good! You can even use equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water (3:1 ratio). Make sure to rinse each tile thoroughly afterwards.

3. Garage Cabinet

Garage cabinet doors always get left open since garage storage garage cabinets need garage lighting, but this can allow dust and dirt to settle in garage cabinets. Garage storage cleaning tips suggest that you wipe garage cabinet doors down with a damp rag – just swipe once from top-to-bottom and let them air dry; do the same for garage door panels too!

4. Use Vacum Cleaner

Now for any garage storage shelves themselves: use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove all of the dust on your garage storage racks and shelves (if some grime manages to stick around, it’s not something worth worrying about). If you’re keeping oily items like paint cans in your garage, make sure to clean garage shelves thoroughly with acetone or mineral spirits before wiping them down and allowing them to air dry.

5. Garage Shelves And Garage Flooring

When garage storage cleaning tips say to clean garage cabinets, garage wall shelves and garage flooring don’t forget garage lighting! Garage light bulbs can get dirty too – some garage storage systems even have a garage light in the garage door panel itself. For a garage light that’s hard-wired into a garage circuit breaker panel, turn off the power before removing any screws from the glass shade of your garage lights; be careful not to touch bare wires when reinstalling or touching wires at all while working on your wiring.

Use a soft cloth with water and ammonia (5:1 ratio) to wipe down any plastic items like garage lighting fixtures, garage door panels, garage storage garage cabinets, garage shelves or garage wall racks. Make sure to wipe dry with a clean cloth afterwards!

It should go without saying that garage storage maintenance should be performed on garage storage garage cabinets – however if you do decide it’s time to clean garage cabinets themselves (you should because the grime will start seeping into surfaces), use rags or shop towels rather than paper towel since they’ll be more absorbent and won’t scratch any surface here!

If you follow these garage storage cleaning tips and you could also try this out, your garage will look spic-and-span in no time at all! Now just sit back and relax knowing that you’ve taken care of any damage before it happens